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Linda J. Dawson:  Senior Partner: Governance Leadership Development - AGI Aspen Group Intl, LLC.

 Chuck is the consummate professional. He knows good governance, leadership and aligned management to get results for the organization. He thoroughly understands strategic planning, communications skills, training and education. Direct and unambiguous with empathy for individual effort. Always pursuing his own professional development.

(March 12, 2015, Linda was with another company when working with Chuck at Strategem, LLC.)


David Steele:  Former superintendent of the North Thurston Public Schools, professor at the Seattle Pacific University, consultant with the Washington School Directors’ Association, and retired executive pastor at the Westwood Baptist Church.

Chuck is an outstanding EDUCATIONAL leader and CONSULTANT. He is up-to-date on effective strategic planning designs, conflict resolution strategies, components of effective schooling, critical school board skills and educational leadership skills. He has been given extensive preparation by John Carver in the system of ‘policy governance’ and has served as an elected school board member in his local school district for many years. Chuck is a person of integrity and always maintains the highest level of moral and ethical practices.”

(October 24, 2013, David was with another company when working with Chuck at Strategem, LLC.)


Anne L. Bryant: former executive director of the National School Boards Association

“Chuck Namit has shown tremendous leadership in helping school board members embrace the notion that their bottom line is student achievement. Through his outstanding collaborative efforts, he has leveraged the resources and efforts of many to benefit all the children in Washington state.”

(January 26, 2006, Anne was interviewed after the Shannon Award was announced.)


Jim Koval: former North Thurston Public School Superintendent.

“He’s (Chuck's) a person who has spent the last several years committed to making sure that new board members, in particular, have the knowledge and abilities and skills to be successful and make contributions to their communities. This is an overdue recognition for the work he does.”

(January 26, 2006, Jim was interviewed after the Shannon Award was announced.)


Dick Anderson: former NSBA associate executive director for federation member services, of the National School Boards Association

 “Chuck has had a long career; he’s done some innovative things. It is, in an award sense [2006 Shannon Award], the Oscar for school board association recognition of service. He pioneered online learning for school board members in 1999, for example, because he recognized the time demands that having a family, working, being involved with community organizations and serving on a school board presents. This was a way to say you don’t have to travel to a regional location for training. Instead, you can do it at home at 10 o’clock when you have a little bit of down time. ... It gives you one more venue for reaching folks who would not travel. It’s one less reason for not being smarter — here’s a way of doing it that is user friendly. Namit is a pioneer in many ways.”

(January 26, 2006, Dick was interviewed after the Shannon Award was announced.