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Values Governance®

Values Governance® changes the traditional board governance, and provides greater efficiency, effectiveness, and coherence in the governance. Values Governance® will employ the following techniques:


1.   Define the roles of the board and the CEO Leadership.

2.   Define and monitor organizational expectations—throughout the year—as a method to form the basis of the superintendent evaluation.

3.   Assure public accountability of the district leadership by employing a board self-assessment and a superintendent evaluation.

4.   Energize community engagement to develop a two-way governance system.

5.   Engage the school and community to gauge the schools.

6.   Adopt a research-based curriculum program to improve student achievement.

7.   Develop a set of values principles for governance and establish a policy control status.

The Values Governance® system is presented in Chuck Namit's new book Now Elected, Now What?  The Path to Successful School District Governance, which is published by Rowman & Littlefield.  

To discuss training, consulting and the benefits of the services, please contact Chuck Namit at 360-459-4560 or e-mail: